ilhan irem was born in 1955.. And started his musical carrier as a composer, writer and
singer in 1973. He sang only his own work, created a new style with which they called him a music 
apostle. In the 80's he was involved with Symphonic Rock. At the same time he began a 
carrier as author of books. 5 books with short stories, poems and anecdotes are being 
published till now. At the same time Ilhan is a painter. He had several exhibitions so far. 20 
records and 10 singles are being published so far too (by EMI Turkey). Several of them were 
awarded, 7 went for gold.
As a freedom loving poet and musician he wants to create a "Light and Love" philosophy and 
some security in a cold and dark world. His music has several mystic, metaphysic and 
religious associations which brings in a versatile listener layer. His own founded fan club "Irembagi"
(Garden of Eden) has now more than 90.000 member in Turkey and abroad.